Hero (Chinese release title: Ying xiong) [Movie Review]

HeroHow swift your sword is! Overview: This movie is along the same lines as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon — an artsy martial arts film. Jet Li’s character is a prefect that has “managed” three notorious assassins in order to meet up with the King. But what are his true intentions? And what really happened between him and the three assassins? This film artfully retells the events of the characters’ recent pasts four times, each time with different color and thematic schema.
Noteworthy Actors/Actresses: Jet Li (as Nameless), Zhang Ziyi (as Moon)
Verdict: Personally, I think this movie is really cool. The storytelling is interesting, and I really enjoyed how each version of the truth had a different color mood — where the color of the environment was as malleable as the truth itself; merely an issue of perception. The martial arts were on par with those from Crouching Tiger, and similar in style as well. I will say though, that this movie isn’t for everyone. It is NOT a typical martial arts film, and its also not simply a romantic drama either. If you liked Crouching Tiger, you will probably like this as well.
From IMDB: (2002) Near the end of the “Warring Kingdoms” period of China (over 2000 years ago), Nation of Zhao has three WuXia masters… Sky, Broken Sword, and Flying Snow. Because of them, King of Qin, ruler of Nation of Qin, was not able to sleep properly for ten years, worrying about attempts to kill him. Yet, all three were defeated by a minor Qin official by the name of Nameless… When the news reached the King, the King immediately summoned Nameless to the palace. In the Palace, mysterious candles are burning, and the King summoned Namesless to within a mere 10 steps away. Nameless told his tale about how he was able to use the weaknesses of three WuXia masters against themselves, and defeated them separately. However, King of Qin is a master strategist, and he recognized the inconsistencies within Nameless’s story, and came up with his own story: the three WuXia masters allowed themselves to be defeated, in order to get Nameless into ten steps of the King. Nameless is most dangerous assassin of all. Nameless then replied that the King has misjudged one person… Broken Sword. The true story is then revealed… Finally, Nameless picked up the sword. He is only ten steps from the King of Qin, and his specialty move is “Death within Ten Steps”…