Day 21: Kitchen nearly done!

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The kitchen is nearly done.

After about 2 weeks of using dirty dishes, eating off of paper plates, and washing cups in the bathroom sink, we now have a functioning sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal — and LOTS of counterspace! yay!These pics of the stove and refrigerator are both digitally altered. The stove and fridge won’t be moved into place until after we paint, which I think we may do tomorrow.

Tonight was a minor victory because I was able to load up our DISHWASHER (!!) with all the dirty dishes in the house and let IT do the washing. I can hear it humming 2 rooms over right now. We ran into a couple small SNAFU’s: The countertops came in yesterday, and they were installing them in the morning, while I was at work. Melissa was here and was sitting on the couch reading a book. Apparently “the guy” that cut the countertops made a slight mistake on the measurement for part of the L, and forgot to put the laminate on one of the standalone base cabinets! When Hank (the countertop installer) came out to tell Melissa, the exchange went something like this:

Hank: Umm…. the countertops don’t fit.
Melissa: Of COURSE they don’t!
Hank: Of course they don’t.

Poor Hank. I know he takes his job seriously and I bet he was a bit embarassed about it all. He did make it right though. He ran the bad ones back down to Middletown (about an hour away) and they re-cut them that night. He left behind a temporary board to use as a sink-brace so we could at least use the sink. This was where the other SNAFU came in: When Steve installed the faucet we had purchased, the water pressure SUCKED. I happened to like that faucet, so I was kind of sad to see that it didn’t work out. We decided it would be better to just replace it, so we packed it up.

This morning, Hank and Steve came in and installed the counter-tops. They fit! Victory 1! Melissa called and told me about it after she got back from having lunch with me. While she was out, she ran over to Lowe’s and got a replacement faucet, which ended up costing 17 bucks less! Victory 1.5! Then she brought that back and Steve installed it, and it worked beautifully! Victory 2!

I came back right after work briefly. All the base cabinets were back in, the sink was hooked up and working, and the trim around the window had been fixed. It looked amazing. It’s really hard to believe that the kitchen went from looking so bare and messy to looking like a modern kitchen!

All that is left to do is to install the Refrigerator (still sitting in the dining room) and the Stove (currently sitting in the living room), oh, and the water-kit for the refrigerator as well.Assuming we can paint tomorrow, we should have EVERYTHING DONE by Friday at the latest! How exciting! Next project (next MONTH) is going to be the Bathroom. It works right now, but needs to be updated big-time. There’s no shower! I’m going to have Steve take a look at it and see what we can do about it.