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School’s Out!

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Yesterday, around 6pm, I finished my last project for one of my classes, meaning that I am now officially done for this semester. It’s been one helluva semester – first time I’ve done a full-time schedule (12 credit hours) in a few years. Compound that with a baby, and the fact that three of the… Read more »

Whirlwind of a Week

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The diet is still going well. I say this first because it’s still really challenging. Last night my wife decided she wanted to melt Barking Chocolate (like for covering pretzels or buckeyes) on some Vanilla Bean ice cream. I had a bite, just because I was curious, but no more. Today I was offered chocolate… Read more »

What I DIDN’T Eat today, part 2

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Succulent lemon bars, lightly powdered with confectioner’s sugar Rich Magic Cookie Bars, a mixture of that delicious trio of butter, sugar, and egg combined with chocolate chunks and other goodies. Bronze-colored Donut holes, rolled in granulated sugar Pert little brownie bits, a rich dark brown chocolate fudge color Strawberries (only because they were on the… Read more »

What I didn’t Eat Today

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Delicious, moist, leftover Anniversary cake* Some deliciously round and powdery donut holes in the break room Hot, rich, Pizza or Garlicky Seasoned Breadsticks Decadent and chewy looking Chocolate Chip Cookies during a meeting with the Library administrators Delicious, moist, leftover Anniversary cake* Cookies, candy, or ice cream while food shopping for healthier food Yes, I… Read more »

Bedtime and rule-making

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Lately, Sullivan has been a little more difficult when it comes time to go to bed. When he was first born, all it took was a boob and a pacifier. At a couple months, he rejected the pacifier and just wanted a boob. A couple months after that he needed to be rocked to sleep…. Read more »

Fatherhood, part deux

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Sullivan Sullivan has begun to crawl. Everywhere. He pulls himself up onto things as well. His new favorite hobby is finding new ways to bang his head into solid objects. Everytime he loses balance, gets that frightened look in his eyes, and then *THUD* right into the floor, coffee table, couch, table, chair, television, crib… Read more »

On Basketball and Sporting Events

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This past Tuesday, while Melissa was at home writing an English paper, I took Sullivan to Indiana University East’s first volleyball game as an NAIA team. I’m not one who usually frequents sporting events at all, but I made an exception in this case because, as part of External Affairs and Marketing, we’re supposed to… Read more »

Happy Aaroween!

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Another year come and gone. Yesterday, I celebrated my 27th birthday. I am now officially as old as my mom claims to be. This whole birthday has been a rather bizarre one. For starters, it’s the first birthday I’ve had where I’ve celebrated it in the company of my progeny. But there’s other things going… Read more »

Your rights as a citizen

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Just a brief note. I read about this story linked off of a Slashdot article. It happened yesterday, Sept 2nd, in Cleveland, Ohio. Here’s the full story. Basically, what happened is this: Mike goes into a Circuit city to buy a couple items, pays, and heads towards the exit. At the exit of the Circuit… Read more »

On Patriotism

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I suppose I may be a little late joining in on this chorus, but I’ve been reflecting on some things lately; Specifically, some stuff related to the war. (you know which war) Melissa and I were watching some youtube videos of Roy Zimmerman. If you’ve never seen his work, you must check it out. He’s… Read more »