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A Tree Grows in Richmond

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Yesterday, the City of Richmond held an Earth Day celebration down at the old Piano Factory on 1st st. There were a bunch of booths about varying conservation-related topics. It really could have been called “Liberal Day.” There was lots of great information, some neat demonstrations (such as the one by Safari Steve from Silly… Read more »

Social Insecurity? (no, not about retirement)

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This morning, I woke up at about 7:30am, a little later than usual. Did the usual morning routine. As I walked into the kitchen, though, I noticed that the sound of construction work seemed a little bit louder than it should be. Glancing over at the backdoor, I found that it was half-way open! At… Read more »

Help Combat Domaineering

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The latest craze among the money-mongers and their ilk is Domaineering. Domaineering is the business of buying up many domains with specific names (such as “” or “”), relying on the fact that 15% (or more!) of browsers use “Direct Navigation” (typing a search term or web address in directly) in order to get to… Read more »


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Ok, I’m quite aware that I haven’t written anything in a hot minute. Perhaps you might even say a hot hour, or hot fortnight. But I’ve been busy. The most recent and obvious change is this site. Because of a number of elements including peer pressure, my desire to be cool, and my meticulous organizational… Read more »