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Ok, I’m quite aware that I haven’t written anything in a hot minute. Perhaps you might even say a hot hour, or hot fortnight.

But I’ve been busy.

The most recent and obvious change is this site. Because of a number of elements including peer pressure, my desire to be cool, and my meticulous organizational obsession, I have finally registered a domain. All your base are belong to

But within that domain are a bunch of fun things! Or at least, the fun things will be there soon. Hopefully not another hot fortnight away. – the main digs. I haven’t decided specifically what I’m doing with this yet, but it will probably be simultaneously a directory of all the other subsections of the site as well as an online resume / professional front. – what you’re reading. Finally an appropriate subdomain! If you are currently linking to my blog at then please update your links to this address instead. – Some may think this quite funny, but this section will be devoted entirely to the process of digitizing my mixtape collection from back when I was a rebellious party-kid going to “all night teen dance parties.” I’ve got a few mp3s up already. I’d really like it to be more than just a download dump though — perhaps something with a bit more interactive zest to it. I haven’t decided yet. – old versions of my site. I still keep them, even though every time I revamp my site, the old sites break more and more. Oh well. – The site devoted to my son, Sullivan Raymond Hill (If you’re saying “wtf? you’re a dad now?” then continue reading below). This site is primarily for my family, whom all live at least 600 miles away, to keep up to tabs with the development of our newborn. Pictures, videos, updates, etc. I don’t think it’s going to be a blog, but it will probably at least have an online journal or something.

Ok, so the next change is that Melissa and I finally had our baby! Sullivan Raymond Hill was born on 4/11/2007 at 10:33am and weighed 9lbs 2oz at 22″ long. Big baby! He is both ridiculously adorable and frustrating at the same time, particularly at night when he gets his bouts of insomnia. Melissa and I have begun taking shifts. We’re hoping we don’t go completely crazy by the time he’s old enough to exploit it.

Some things haven’t changed. I still work for IU East, I’m still a student, and still married to my darling wife Melissa.