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In Which I Go Sleuthing: Postscript

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A few weeks ago, I checked my voicemail because the box was full. (As an aside, if you ever have an urgent message to get to me, voicemail is not the way to do it. Send a text message or email me — I am quite frequently very remiss in my voicemail checking.) One of the… Read more »


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We are totally buying a new bed.  OMG.  I <3 IKEA.     * Note: if you happen to click on the image to read more about it. It’s important to note that the bed FRAME is $200 — but that doesn’t include the slats or the mattress. Altogether it comes to right around $500-600… Read more »

Sneak Peeks of Project Cerebus [Game Development]

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So I’ve been making use of my long holiday break this year by working on developing a game.  I’m finally at a point where I’m comfortable posting the first screenshot of it. It’s still HEAVILY in development and so it doesn’t look like much yet, but…

Joys of Homeownership: The Attic (pt. 1)

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When we bought this house, it was originally advertised as having “3 Bedrooms.” Any of you familiar with reading real estate listings probably know that this really means “2 bedrooms and a large closet” or “1 bedroom with a large basement.” In our case, it was 2 bedrooms with a large, partially finished, attic.  The… Read more »

Receiving the Santa Hat

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“Aaron, wake up; it’s Xmas!” Melissa whispered, lying next to me in bed. The sun was just barely up; I figured it was about half-past seven. “No it’s not, it’s only the 21st.” I was close — it was the 22nd. She smiled at me and we got out of bed. Flashback a few years… Read more »

Winter Solstice and the so-called “War on Christmas”

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We are all very excited about the upcoming holidays. Our presents are packed (and most of them shipped / delivered), the tree and lights are up and decorated, we’ve made cookies, and we’ve dove headfirst into the Winter Season media: The Grinch, Bing Crosby, Ultra Lounge, Muppet Christmas, etc. The thing is, although all of… Read more »

Tagging Up the Classics

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Although I’ve maintained a website for about 10 years now, I only recently started blogging (2005, IIRC). I began blogging on Myspace. Although the Myspace blog software was really only a quasi-blog (it’s really more of an online journal, like LiveJournal, than a blog), it was a lot easier to promote since it was tied… Read more »

Ziggy, 2.0

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It’s official. We’ve known about the pregnancy for several weeks now, and while many of you may already know, I kept a lid on it until after we were able to go to the OB and verify that things are all progressing very fetusily.

“Odin” Development

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I’m beginning development on a project I am going to refer to here as “Odin”. For reasons mostly relating to intellectual property (until I can determine if this will be open-source or closed-source), I need to refrain from divulging details about the nature of the project, aside from that it could be conceivably be used… Read more »

The Chilly Willy

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There’s a reason why statistics have shown that married men live longer lives.  From the archives… For those of you not familiar with a “Chilly Willy” here’s a synopsis: Chilly Willy is also a specialty shot. Taking a 1 to 2 ounce shotglass and placing it upside down on the table, pour chilled (non-pepper) Vodka… Read more »