Simplifying pt. 1

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We’ve decided to start getting rid of crap. We’ve established four rules for each item:

  1. If it can’t be theoretically sold on eBay, it is to be thrown out or donated somewhere.
  2. If we were to move next month, it should be worth packing up and moving.
  3. Any item may be deemed “sacred”, which is non-arguable; But all sacred items must be added to a ranked list. (This list may have limitations imposed on it at a later date, hence ranking by importance)
  4. Once purging is done, equilibrium must be maintained (New items brought into the house must be met by an equal amount of riddance).

We went through our books and some other crap in the attic today. We have chalked up 16.328 cubic feet so far.

Some notable riddances:

  • The set of DIY encyclopedias (from at least 2 decades ago) that I bought for 2 or 3 bucks at the Library book sale a year ago. They’ll likely be going back to the library.
  • An unmarked video cassette tape that Melissa mysteriously unraveled without explanation
  • Two shark fin cable modems
  • A LaVeyan Satanic Bible & the Complete Illustrated Old Testament Bible
  • A large (7′) DVD rack

Melissa and I both think this round of purging wasn’t particularly painful — just carving away at the easy stuff for now. The difficult nitty gritty stuff is yet to come still, when we get to the basement.


  • Purchased 3.450 cu.ft. (kitchenware)
  • Purged 9.385 cu.ft. (table, baby cereal)

New total: 22.263 cu.ft.