Let it all come crashing down

Maybe I’m an anarchist, an economic anarchist, maybe I’m a deconstructionist, maybe I’m just plain irrational. Whatever you want to call me.

But I think the bailout, that the House is voting on today, is a bad idea.

I don’t buy into the fear media — when I see this much of a concerted effort done in parallel by multiple colluding entities, I smell something stinky. They say that the stock market will come crashing down (“Just look at what happened when the bill failed on Monday! Why, that was the most number of points lost in the history of the stock market!” — Nevermind that the actual percentage drop was a far cry short of the 1983 crash or the crash leading to the Great Depression), but is this really a bad thing? Sure it’s out of our comfort zone, falling from the status quo, and people are afraid of the unknown. Continue reading