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Just caught this tweet from a colleague: “Mom, I have a call at 1:30 so don’t use the internet.” HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA He was, of course, lampooning one of his friends who has the misfortune of visiting his parents who are still apparently using dial-up Internet. It took me back for a moment: Back Then (1991) When… Read more »

Response letter to an alarmist anti-caffeine organization

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Stumbled across by accident… weird site full of bizarre alarmist propaganda against the consumption of Caffeine. For example: “Consume 5 grams and you’re DEAD, and it’s perfectly legal!” is touted in an ad on the sidebar of the website. The website also claims that caffeine is “highly addictive”, which seems hyperbolic, given how Caffeine… Read more »

The “V”

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I had previously written about this with regard to our former cat Frank the ass-cat. It’s not as funny now.

Interview with Ryan Smith from [Interviews]

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A week or so ago, Ryan Smith from SpendOnLife had stumbled across some posts I had written about dealing with Collectors. He asked if I’d be willing to mention him in this blog, and I offered to plug his website in exchange for a brief interview. Q: Could you please introduce yourself and your company?… Read more »

New Year’s Updates

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A while back, I stated my resolve for doing three things differently this year. Those three things were: Send greeting cards for holidays (I’m still deciding whether or not this includes “thank you cards”) Dress nicer for work Do the 12-week “Body-for-Life” program (which has its own goals within it). The idea being, of course,… Read more »

Parenting: heart-wrenching bedtimes, week 1.

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Today is the end of the first week Sullivan has gone to bed by himself. Up until this past Monday, Sullivan had been co-sleeping with us. Pretty much since he was born. When he was an infant, we had his crib side-car’d to the bed (for safety reasons). There was a brief while when we… Read more »

Freyja & the Hospital

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As some of you already know, we recently had to take Freyja to the hospital. I had tweeted about it (which syndicated to Facebook and this blog), but was intentionally vague. You’ll get why in a moment. My mom was visiting, and it was the last day of her stay. We had made plans to… Read more »

Introducing: Freyja Haiku Hill

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At 1:47pm on July 8th, Freyja Haiku Hill was born at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, weighing 9 lbs, 4.7 oz and measuring 22″ long. She has dark hair and dark eyes, although it’s too early to tell what color. (They look dark blue, but that will change) Before you read any further here, I suggest you… Read more »

Boolean Logic [From the Archives]

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My “Day I Left Pennsylvania” led me to some archived website posts (before blogs were invented) I had written many years ago. I’m re-posting them now. Bear in mind that most of the content in this series is over 5 years old. I have left the content more or less intact. I have removed some… Read more »