Things that irk me

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  1. People that don’t yield when turning left at an intersection with no lights or other traffic control devices.
  2. Metaphysics (Particularly those that like to abuse Quantum Mechanics to promote metaphysical agenda, including JZ Knight, Lynne McTaggert, the author of “The Secret”, etc.)
  3. When companies and organizations have form letters or automated responses that indicate emotional investment / sincerity, when it is quite apparent that there was none of either present. (i.e. “Your call is very important to us…” or “Thank you for contacting us …. Sincerely, so-and-so”) Feigned sincerity is almost worse than insincerity, IMHO.
  4. The CEO’s from Wall Street Investment banks that are complaining that $400,000 (or even the proposed $750,000, which is only 25x the average subordinate salary) is such a paltry salary and that they couldn’t possibly live in downtown Manhattan apartment.
  5. People who don’t think third-party candidates should be included in the Presidential debates, even if said candidates have enough state electorates to be elected in the general election — instead the decision relies on polls of questionable scientific merit. (I’m looking at you, USA Today Editors)
  6. Links that read “Click here to _____”. I suppose it’s because I entertain the reality that the Internet is so ubiquitous that people inherently understand the mechanics behind a hyperlink. It would be like a book that said “Open this and start reading the pages to ____”. Why not just say “______”?
  7. When people use the unnecessary prefix “quick” to describe links or a searchbar. (“Quicklinks” or “Quicksearch”). How is using a “quicksearch” any different or faster than using a regular search bar?
  8. That sound that thick liquids (like smoothies) make when you pour them into a glass. It’s kind of a hollow “hcwooooosh” sound that rises in pitch as it nears the top of the glass.
  9. The phrase “new look and feel” or just “look and feel”, particularly in reference to websites.
  10. Mispronunciation of certain words such as “nuclear [NOOK-yoo-lur]” or “arctic [AR-tic]” (and many others)
  11. Movies that grossly mis-interpret science (i.e. “The Core”)
  12. Movies that use time travel as a plot element, and create impossible paradoxes (“Lake House” does it wrong, “12 Monkeys” does it slightly better, but only because Gilliam is intentionally vague about the details of why it works)
  13. When cars drive by my house at 2:30am with sub-woofers loud enough to rattle all the windows in my house. So help me, if they wake the baby…! (note: the issue here is one of timeliness)
  14. Logical fallacies. Especially those used by influential speakers. Especially-especially when they are used intentionally to artificially enhance their argument.
  15. Disney’s “The Black Cauldron”, a horrible bastardization of books 1 & 2 of The Prydain Chronicles.
  16. The RIAA & MPAA and their apparent inability to let go of archaic revenue models.
  17. SPAM and the human scum that intentionally propagate it.
  18. Chain letters (or more recently: chain bulletins); particularly the urban legend and “re-post this or you will die” varieties.
  19. Greedy American corporations.
  20. The Bush administration and its apparent desire to become an oligarchy. The nightmare is over! Yay!
  21. People who say the word “forte” as “for-tay” rather than just “fort”. Popular usage is slowly changing this to being a more acceptable pronunciation, unfortunately. (“for-tay” is used when speaking of the italian word used in musical notation. “fort” is used when you’re referring to a strength you may have.) — ADDENDUM: Since apparently the official word on English usage (see comments) declares the irksome version to be canon, I will accept, begrudgingly (and still irked) people that say it. I, however, will say the French version: “Le Fort” [lay four]