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Contextual Learning

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One of my profs and I occasionally chat about his curriculum. This was his first year teaching at IU East and he’s still fine-tuning his style. The main roadblock he runs into, and I can totally understand, is that a lot of his students have a very nonchalant, sometimes completely ambivalent, attitude towards the course… Read more »

DIY Gardening

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A little over a month ago, we started to re-plant our garden. In magnitude, our garden lies somewhere between the biggest “serious” suburban gardens in Richmond and the small casual gardens. We grow mostly conventional vegetables and herbs, although this year we have a large (40+ bulb) plot of garlic! We have a few flowers… Read more »

Food Service [From the Archives]

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My “Day I Left Pennsylvania” led me to some archived website posts (before blogs were invented) I had written many years ago. I’m re-posting them now. Bear in mind that most of the content in this series is over 5 years old. I have left the content more or less intact. I have removed some… Read more »

The day I left Pennsylvania

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It was a warm day, late summer, in the early evening. The sun was out, deep in the sky, and I had just finished packing. I had my plane ticket for Allentown (ABE) to Dayton (DAY), with return trip two weeks later, in a hip bag. I had a few sets of clothing, some CDs,… Read more »

The Ten-Year Growth

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In a week and a half, I am graduating. I started my undergrad, back in Pennsylvania, when I was 18 and I am now 28.  I am what admissions refers to as a “non-traditional student.” I’ve been to five institutions, across three states, changed majors six times, and this will be my second and third… Read more »