The Laptop, Day 1: Initial Thoughts [Linux FTW]


It’s glorious. :D (Coke can for scale)

Ok — so anyone that’s been following me on Twitter or Facebook has probably seen me in a near-apopleptic frenzy waiting for my laptop. It was actually not scheduled to arrive until Monday, so I was rather excited (an understatement, if you ask Chris Hardie) when I saw that it was in Indianapolis at 5pm yesterday. Continue reading

Contextual Learning

One of my profs and I occasionally chat about his curriculum. This was his first year teaching at IU East and he’s still fine-tuning his style. The main roadblock he runs into, and I can totally understand, is that a lot of his students have a very nonchalant, sometimes completely ambivalent, attitude towards the course material.

One thing I suggested, for when he teaches Organic Chemistry next year, is to draw in real-world examples to help illustrate and provide context for the material. I call this “contextual learning” (there may be a more official title for it, but I wasn’t an education major, so I’m just going to call it that). Continue reading