Dig-Duggin’ [From the Archives]

My “Day I Left Pennsylvania” led me to some archived website posts (before blogs were invented) I had written many years ago. I’m re-posting them now. Bear in mind that most of the content in this series is over 5 years old. I have left the content more or less intact. I have removed some links and added some others — but that’s it. Enjoy!

Being able to find information effectively has become a lot easier since Google has improved their search engines, but there was once a time when you had to use crazy pedantics to find stuff you wanted. Some of the techniques still apply.

The power of identity


Names are very powerful things. Names identify us, can label friend or foe, provide clues to origin, announce familial history, and much much more! And all for the low low price of 19.95!
When you’re starting your quest to locate some obscure little tidbit of information, a photograph, a song, CD, or 12″ vinyl that you’ve been hunting for months or years, it helps a lot to know the name. Sometimes simply finding the name can lead you right to it! Common knowledge says the majority of solving any problem is identifying it. Continue reading