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New Year’s Updates

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A while back, I stated my resolve for doing three things differently this year. Those three things were: Send greeting cards for holidays (I’m still deciding whether or not this includes “thank you cards”) Dress nicer for work Do the 12-week “Body-for-Life” program (which has its own goals within it). The idea being, of course,… Read more »

Parenting: heart-wrenching bedtimes, week 1.

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Today is the end of the first week Sullivan has gone to bed by himself. Up until this past Monday, Sullivan had been co-sleeping with us. Pretty much since he was born. When he was an infant, we had his crib side-car’d to the bed (for safety reasons). There was a brief while when we… Read more »

Freyja & the Hospital

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As some of you already know, we recently had to take Freyja to the hospital. I had tweeted about it (which syndicated to Facebook and this blog), but was intentionally vague. You’ll get why in a moment. My mom was visiting, and it was the last day of her stay. We had made plans to… Read more »