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Customer Service

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I’ve written about this before. Customer Service / Customer Relations is one of the absolute most important things a business can do. When I worked as a server, it was always drilled into our minds that a happy customer tells a handful, but an unhappy customer tells a dozen or more. I’ve got three stories… Read more »

Outsourcing & the Karmic Egg

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So Melissa and I have finally decided to officially start our own publishing company. She thought of the name “Karmic Egg” (the “egg” being short for “egghead”, I presume). We registered the domain a couple days ago, set up a Twitter account, Facebook fan page, and I transferred my development wiki to the new… Read more »

Why MySpace Fails

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If you are an Internet denizen, you are probably familiar with both MySpace and Facebook, both popular social networking platforms on the web. MySpace, which skyrocketed to popularity about 4 years ago, has since waned significantly, dwarfed by the sleeper mammoth that is Facebook. In April 2008, Facebook finally surpassed MySpace in popularity. As a… Read more »

The 2010 Book List

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This past year, I read about 14 or 15 books. Most of the reading was done in the restroom, oddly enough, although a couple books were read while sitting on the couch. For 2010, my quantifiable New Year’s Resolution is to read ~20 books. I received a bunch of books for Xmas last week, and… Read more »