The 2010 Book List

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2010 Books to ReadThis past year, I read about 14 or 15 books. Most of the reading was done in the restroom, oddly enough, although a couple books were read while sitting on the couch.

For 2010, my quantifiable New Year’s Resolution is to read ~20 books. I received a bunch of books for Xmas last week, and I have several books I picked up last year that I’ve yet to read.

So, for 2010, here is the docket (no particular order):

  1. The Essential John Nash
  2. The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses
  3. Game Design Workshop
  4. Connection Games: Variations on a Theme
  5. Number Freak: From 1 to 200, the hidden language of numbers revealed [reading now]
  6. Satan, Cantor, and Infinity: Mind-boggling Puzzles
  7. Cracking the GRE (2010) [B&N didn’t have Kaplan]
  8. Nickel and Dimed: On (not) getting by in America
  9. Over the Edge of the World: Magellan’s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe
  10. Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy has Distorted our Politics and Haunts Our Future
  11. Alternadad
  12. Poorly Made In China: An Insider’s Account of the Tactics behind China’s Production Game
  13. The Order of the Stick, book 3: War and XPs
  14. The Fountainhead [Melissa’s suggestion]
  15. Logic Made Easy: How to Know When Language Deceives You
  16. The Periodic Kingdom: A Journey Into the Land of the Chemical Elements
  17. The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to take control of your time, tasks, ad talents
  18. Organizing For Your Braintype: Finding Your own solution to managing time, paper and stuff [different author]
  19. Outliers: The Story of Success
  20. Master Your Metabolism
  21. The Selfish Gene
  22. Good Germs, Bad Germs: Health & Survival in a bacterial world [reading now]
  23. A Short Guide to Writing about Biology
  24. Microcosm: e. coli and the new science of life
  25. Bioinformatics, a computing perspective
  26. Python for Bioinformatics
  27. Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0

I’m going to make this a page up above to track my progress!