Exciting News: Upcoming Insider Tech Reviews

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All reviews are now at http://reviews.amhill.net


A few days ago, I had a very interesting comment come in to this blog, on the review I did of the Motorola Droid phone.

Hi Aaron, can you reach me offline at [redacted]? I work for Verizon Wireless statewide in Indiana and we noticed your review. Wondering if you’d like to do reviews of upcoming products?? Shout. Thanks, Kyle

I have since contacted Kyle, who works for a Public Relations company in Indianapolis, and we’ve worked out the details. It’s really exciting.

Starting on Monday, I will be getting different phones, one at a time, already activated, from Kyle’s PR firm, so that I may use them and write up reviews here on the blog! The first phone I will get is the HTC Incredible, which I’ve already been ogling from afar as it is.

Kyle said that I can borrow them for as long as I need to, but shorter loans will result in higher priority with high-demand review items.

Important Disclosure Notices

I feel compelled to clarify a few issues before I begin doing this:

My blog will not become a “tech review only” blog. I fully intend to continue with my book reviews, snarky posts, Linux FTW series, and all the other goodies. This will just be one additional component.

I am not being paid. This arrangement is more symbiotic than financial — I get to play with cool gadgets for free, get blog material, and in exchange they get free marketing. If I were being paid, my impartiality could be called into question.

I am free to give “no holds barred” reviews. There is no agreement compelling me to give positive reviews. If I review a new product and I dislike it, I can, and will, say so. I think that I have been reasonably fair in the past with including negative experiences along with positive ones, particularly on my tech reviews.

Verizon believes that you will give me more credence than a marketing initiative. Yes, technically speaking this is a marketing initiative, but I mean an officially funded one. Studies have shown that consumers tend to listen more closely to their peers and “people on the street” than they do direct corporate communications — there’s something to be said about that, of course. That said, I will do my honest-to-goodness best to be as impartial and unbiased as possible — I don’t owe them anything, and quite honestly, an honest poor review of a product will be more helpful for them since it will highlight shortcomings to be corrected in the future.

The first meeting is scheduled for Monday, where I will be briefed on the finer details, I will probably have to sign some forms, they’ll give me the Incredible, etc. I hope to have my first review a week later.

My intention with these reviews is to approach them from different angles and do a multi-post coverage. I’d like to review it from a technical side, a “geek use” side, and let my wife use it for a while to get a “non-geek use” side. Where possible, I will also include live videos of performance, and I have access to official press kits and journalist media packages, so I can get some high-res images and spec sheets.

If you have any [Verizon] devices you would like me to review, please comment and let me know, and I will add them to the list!