Miniature Painting: Kanimiso

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Several years ago, I had a roommate that painted gaming miniatures. He had a pretty sizable collection, mostly Games Workshop (the makers of Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and other popular skirmish-gaming titles) and Legend of the Five Rings (a game set in feudal Japan).

He was pretty good at it – his miniatures looked really nice and had a great fine level of detail. He wasn’t as good as the people that do this professionally, but he was better than average. I had asked him to show me how to paint, and he showed me some basics — basecoats, washes, drybrushing, point-detailing, etc.

Recently, I’ve had the itch to start painting again, and I was fortunate enough to have a friend loan me some paints. I acquired a great deal on a large lot of Navia Dratp materials, which seemed like a good place to start. Navia Dratp (pronounced “Nah-vee-ah Drop”) is a game loosely derived from Shogi also sometimes known as Japanese Chess. The game is played on a 7×7 board, has figurines that have different movement patterns, and the ability to “promote” miniatures. It’s pretty neat, and lots of fun if you’re into strategy / tactical board games like Chess.

Pictured to the right, above, is one of the figurines, named “Kanimoso”. I unfortunately don’t have a before picture for it to compare. I used the info card (immediate right) as a reference for the color scheme and detailing.

Normally, it’s a good practice to prime the miniatures first, either with black or white primer, to both help the paint stick better and also bring out the color more. In this case, I didn’t have primer, so I just dry-brushed some white paint on first. That seemed to work pretty well.

Kanimoso is finished, I have already decided there is no more I can do to it (or more accurately “no more that I know how to do to it”), so it’s been sealed and everything.

I’ve got two others that I’m working on at the moment; same game, different figures. I took some “before” pictures, seen below. Kapinahs is nearly done, I’ll post photos when it’s finished!

Kapinahs (unpainted)

Hamulus Garuda (unpainted)