Authenticating against WordPress in Rails 3

So I’m working on this Rails app for Melissa. It’s kind of a secret, but it’s pretty neat. She demoed it at a webinar and it was received well. :)

One problem I’ve encountered is that her main website that manages subscriptions and users is in WordPress. Users will register with that main website and may or may not have access to the Rails application, separately (depending on their subscription level). What I needed was a method to handle User Authentication in Rails that slaves to the subscription / account information held in WordPress. Ideally, this should all keep with the DRY principle to make it nice and Rails-y.

I wanted to avoid using any messy and potentially unsecure session cookie sharing, and I also wanted to avoid doing any database shadowing. I suspected that since all the data is up on databases on the same server, I should be able to just query it out, right?

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