Biking: Getting a bike lock, and grocery shopping

I got a flat last week. Rear-tire. I think it was actually a relapse of a previous pinch-flat — the patch may have just not been enough. 

So I swung by Ike’s Bikes (who are AWESOME), and they replaced my tube, repaired the kickstand (it was loose), and equalize the pressure on my tires to 85 psi (comfort? who needs it!).

While I was there, I had remembered that I had been meaning to pick up a bike lock. I frequently have to run errands around town to pick something up here or there, and everytime I go out I always wish that I had a lock so I could take my bike. Not that Richmond is terribly crime-ridden — but I’m just looking to protect my $450 investment from a grab-n-dash hoodlum. Continue reading

I am a Velocipede Commuter

There it is.

Last Sunday, my family and I were in Indianapolis at my brother-in-laws house for a house-warming BBQ. We made it a point to stop by the Indy Bike Garage.
Let me first say that BG Indy is *AMAZING*. Their selection is pretty decent but their customer service is OUTSTANDING. (With a capital “Y” for “Yes it is.”) Granted, it took them 15 minutes to get around to helping us (they were super busy) but when they finally did, they were extremely helpful. I highly recommend them.


So I bought the bike. And I’ve commuted to and from work every day this week. 6 miles each way, mostly uphill (even the way back — it’s a little easier, but still quite a few uphills). It takes me about 30-35 minutes each way.

Some things I’ve noticed about biking, having done it for a week: Continue reading

Tour de Work

Today, I rode a bicycle to work. The whole way. From south Richmond to IU East.

It was about 5 or 6 miles, and I did it in about 40 minutes. 8 minute mile isn’t bad. :)

My father in law lent me his bicycle (a “Mongoose” recreational bike) to use for a few days, since I wanted to see if this was even feasible. The seat was very uncomfortable (my butt still kind of hurts) and the gears were a bit clunky — but I made it. I only had to stop to walk the bike once, when turning from Chester Blvd to Oak drive, since the hill was so steep I felt like my legs would fall off.

The bike I want to get, the Townie 8 (pictured below), should be a lot easier to ride. So I figure that if I can make it to work on an uncomfortable bike, with a sore back (I pulled a muscle or something last night when I was laying on a yoga ball) — then surely with a better back and a better bike I should be able to do it.

Richmond’s not that big — and Mark is right, you can bike it.

Townie 8

Simplifying pt. 1

We’ve decided to start getting rid of crap. We’ve established four rules for each item:

  1. If it can’t be theoretically sold on eBay, it is to be thrown out or donated somewhere.
  2. If we were to move next month, it should be worth packing up and moving.
  3. Any item may be deemed “sacred”, which is non-arguable; But all sacred items must be added to a ranked list. (This list may have limitations imposed on it at a later date, hence ranking by importance)
  4. Once purging is done, equilibrium must be maintained (New items brought into the house must be met by an equal amount of riddance).

We went through our books and some other crap in the attic today. We have chalked up 16.328 cubic feet so far.

Some notable riddances:

  • The set of DIY encyclopedias (from at least 2 decades ago) that I bought for 2 or 3 bucks at the Library book sale a year ago. They’ll likely be going back to the library.
  • An unmarked video cassette tape that Melissa mysteriously unraveled without explanation
  • Two shark fin cable modems
  • A LaVeyan Satanic Bible & the Complete Illustrated Old Testament Bible
  • A large (7′) DVD rack

Melissa and I both think this round of purging wasn’t particularly painful — just carving away at the easy stuff for now. The difficult nitty gritty stuff is yet to come still, when we get to the basement.


  • Purchased 3.450 cu.ft. (kitchenware)
  • Purged 9.385 cu.ft. (table, baby cereal)

New total: 22.263 cu.ft.