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A while back, there was a show on the Speed channel about Formula-1 (F-1) racing. Formula-1 racing is that kind where they use the crazy looking uber-efficient cars, with the huge spoilers, extra intakes, big tires, etc. It’s what the movie “Days of Thunder” was about. In this particular show, the show’s host, a stock-car… Read more »

Your rights as a citizen

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Just a brief note. I read about this story linked off of a Slashdot article. It happened yesterday, Sept 2nd, in Cleveland, Ohio. Here’s the full story. Basically, what happened is this: Mike goes into a Circuit city to buy a couple items, pays, and heads towards the exit. At the exit of the Circuit… Read more »

Social Insecurity? (no, not about retirement)

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This morning, I woke up at about 7:30am, a little later than usual. Did the usual morning routine. As I walked into the kitchen, though, I noticed that the sound of construction work seemed a little bit louder than it should be. Glancing over at the backdoor, I found that it was half-way open! At… Read more »