Farmer’s Market, Zucchini Bread & Playground Fireworks [Sustainability Saturdays]

Mark and I had a lot of fun last time when we went berry picking on our bike ride. I’m hoping this becomes more of a regular thing; it’s a lot of fun to go leisurely biking around town.

Image courtesy Google Maps (2009)

Image courtesy Google Maps (2009)

This past Saturday (July 4), Mark’s plan of action was to go to the farmer’s market on North “A” between 6th and 7th street.

It’s pretty informal — a bunch of local farmer’s bring some of their latest crops to a public parking lot, and sell their vegetables for cash. Pretty cheaply too!

I knew that they did this on Tuesdays, but apparently some of them also come down on Saturdays too!

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Linux & Biking

A while back, I wrote a post about biking to work, which still stands. Having biked to work the past two days, I still agree with everything I said back then. The main difference is that now I am wearing business-attire (necktie included) at the office, and so I bike to work in a t-shirt & shorts, and change when I arrive at work. I pack a towel just to be safe (Ford Prefect would be proud!)

0013On my commute today, I was thinking about the similarities between bike commuting and using linux. It just floated into my consciousness, I swear. I’m not grabbing at straws for blog topics. :)

Anyways — the reason I thought of it is because I noticed that the freedom I feel while riding my bicycle is similar to the freedom I feel when using this open-source platform.

I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but I mean it — there is something legitimately liberating about being able to use your computer and not feel so constrained by it. Mac users probably have an idea what I’m talking about. Bear with me here — I’ve thought about it a lot today: Continue reading

Receiving the Santa Hat

“Aaron, wake up; it’s Xmas!” Melissa whispered, lying next to me in bed. The sun was just barely up; I figured it was about half-past seven.

“No it’s not, it’s only the 21st.” I was close — it was the 22nd. She smiled at me and we got out of bed.

Flashback a few years ago. the house where I grew up in Pennsylvania, December 24th, around eleven PM. My mom and I are the last people awake after my little brother went to sleep a little while ago.

“Are you going to help me?” Mom asked me. It was genuinely inquisitive, not rhetorical. I think I was either watching the color television or cleaning up in the kitchen. I’m a bit of a night owl. 

“Help you with what?” I replied. 

“Put the presents out.”

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In which I go sleuthing… (epilogue)

I have the phone back. Life is good.

Yesterday, I visited the Police Station and the Palladium-Item about the theft.

I spoke with the carrier manager (circulation manager?) about it. She said that the Palladium Item would reimburse me for the overages, and dock it out of the thief’s paycheck. The thief was, apparently, an independent contractor and had already lost a couple other routes for undisclosed reasons. From the sound of it, she may be losing her job now too.

But the overages are covered, so that’s good.

The person I spoke to at the Police station said that since I have the phone back, they probably won’t do much with it now, aside from keep it on file. If anything else develops, I’m supposed to call them (I guess if the thief revisited or something). The thief probably won’t be charged with anything, but I guess employer punishment is good enough?

I felt this strange compulsion to find out more about my perpetrator. Googling her name turned up nothing; Neither did searching myspace or facebook. Who else would know this person?

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In which I go sleuthing… (pt. 3)

(When we last left, our hero, he was making some headway in the search for the missing Phone / MP3 Player. Faced with a hiccup in progress, he had a sudden epiphany…)

Back to Verizon Wireless’s website.

View current usage.

Bingo! Two more pages of calls made, some to Louisville, one to Atlanta, and one to New Hampshire (Kemco Industries, an 800 number). And even better: a slew of fresh Richmond numbers.

As I plugged those new numbers into the Reverse Lookup tool, I finally got a few successes. One of them had the same last name as the first name I found; but a couple other seemed entirely unrelated. Most of them were labeled as residents that were 50+ years old.

The phone rang again, it was the woman from the Palladium-Item again. She mentioned a name and asked if it was familiar. I told her that whomever stole the phone did so anonymously, and that I doubted I knew the person myself. I started reading off a few of the new names I uncovered from the Reverse Lookup tool. Two of the names she definitely recognized, and said she thought she knew who it was. Continue reading