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In which I go sleuthing… (pt. 3)

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(When we last left, our hero, he was making some headway in the search for the missing Phone / MP3 Player. Faced with a hiccup in progress, he had a sudden epiphany…) Back to Verizon Wireless’s website. View current usage. Bingo! Two more pages of calls made, some to Louisville, one to Atlanta, and one… Read more »

In which I go sleuthing… (pt. 2)

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(in part 1, our hero has lost his fancy communications / music-playing device. With no end in sight, will it ever be found?) Second day back at work since “vacation”. Typical day. Meetings, notes, quiche. *Jarring Chord* An email. From Verizon Wireless. “blah blah blah monthly bill blah blah blah $101.xx, blah blah blah pay… Read more »

In which I go sleuthing… (pt. 1)

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So last week we took a “vacation” to see my family. I’ll post more about that (along with videos) later. Right now, there is treachery afoot! We were about 72 miles into Ohio, almost to Columbus. Mel said she was going to try to take a nap, I thought “Great, I’ll listen to some music… Read more »

Communing with Nature

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I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. “Aaron! There’s an injured bird on the sidewalk in front of the house!” I quickly dried off my hands and rushed through the house out the front door. Sure enough, flopping rather pathetically on the sidewalk in front of our house was a tiny brown bird. Is… Read more »

Frank and Baby Anxiety

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This was originally an essay I wrote for my Creative Nonfiction class last semester. I thought it was blog-worthy. Enjoy! It had just started getting cold in the mornings. My windshields weren’t quite icing over yet, but the weather was definitely calling for more than just the navy blue shorts I was wearing. I put… Read more »


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We woke up at 7:30am. Melissa was awake before I was, and was already bathing by the time I rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. For some reason, I feel more comfortable sitting down (even if it’s just #1) when I first wake up. I think it’s because my legs aren’t used… Read more »

Awakening of the Dryads

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! I had been meaning to get some of these up here for a while. The following essay was written in the very early spring of 1999, and later revised in May 2001. I’ve got some others that I’ll post up here in the near future as well…. Read more »

PA Trek, Part 4

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I don’t think I’ll ever cease to be bewildered by the feeling of waking up in one state and going to bed in a different one. It’s such a bizarre feeling. I remember when I used to make treks down to Atlanta, I would wake up at 7am in Atlanta and be at work in… Read more »

Mortal Kombat…except…with spiders…naked…

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Ok — this actually happened a few weeks ago (Enghma will remember this… since I was on the phone with her when it happened), but I was telling a different friend of mine about it the other night. I decided it needed to be brought to the blog. Bring it! Ok, flash back about 3… Read more »

The Life & Times of Mortimer Sampson

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Ahhh… just a little hung over today, kids. Two nights of “celebrating” in a row! My hearing is a little sensitive and the hood on my dark blue Independent Truck Co. hoodie is pulled over my ears to take some of the edge off this music. I suppose I could just turn it down…. but… Read more »