Easy Spanish Rice

UPDATE: Aaron’s fortune with making Spanish Rice (read below)

Spanish RiceWhile I’m in class in the evenings, I have to trust my husband to feed the spawn. Usually he does pretty good — with a little pre-planning on my part. Aaron isn’t a cook. He has a very utilitarian approach to eating. If it’s edible, he’ll probably eat it; while I’d prefer to cultivate a more civilized dining aesthetic for our son.

Tonight they’re having tacos. In our house, tacos is anything ranging from refried beans and cheese smothered on a tortilla to full-blown enchiladas. Mexican cuisine is easily adaptable to a vegetarian diet — and it’s yummy! One point to remember when you’re buying cans of refried beans in the grocery (you can also make it yourself from pintos) is to find those specifically marked “Vegetarian”.

As a compliment to any “taco” meal we have, I like Spanish rice. I use Elise’s recipe — modified for vegetarians (and for our family of 2.5). It’s so much better than Spanish Rice you find in boxes at the store. This is my version: Continue reading