Opting Out of Comcast’s Domain Hijacker Service

A couple weeks ago, I mistyped a web address in my browser and I was taken to a page run by Comcast that displayed many ads related to the words in the URL I entered. This phenomenon was covered by Slashdot and other sources. If you’ve followed me for a while, you may have seen my previous rants regarding Domaineers such as Kevin Hamm; He made deals with the countries of Colombia (.co) and Cameroon (.cm) to force any mistyped URLs to those domains (ie. google.co, google.cm) to be routed through one of his ad-laden content-light websites.

This Comcast Domain Helper service is the same sort of racket — you type in an incorrect URL, and Comcast shows you a page rich with referral links, advertisemets, and other click-thru advertising.

Anyways — what follows are instructions on “opting out” of the domain helper service, with thanks to Bonnie from Comcast, who directed me to the solution initially, as well as Matt McKimmy who suggested an alternate solution. Continue reading