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Toads and Kids

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In late May, while Freyja took a nap, Sullivan and I went for a walk down the road. I didn’t really know where we were going to go, or what we were going to do; I think my initial thought was to go to the horse stables. Along the way, we found a hole, probably… Read more »

One more week

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My phone rings; a trip-hoppy ringtone reminiscent of Thievery Corporation. “Hello?” “No, I don’t want to.” “Talk to Daddy” “I want to talk on the puter” “Here, talk to Daddy.” *a few moments of static* “Hello?” “Hello?” I said, with a smile in my voice, “Hi Sullivan!” “I love you, Daddy.” “I love you too,… Read more »

Freyja & the Hospital

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As some of you already know, we recently had to take Freyja to the hospital. I had tweeted about it (which syndicated to Facebook and this blog), but was intentionally vague. You’ll get why in a moment. My mom was visiting, and it was the last day of her stay. We had made plans to… Read more »

Introducing: Freyja Haiku Hill

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At 1:47pm on July 8th, Freyja Haiku Hill was born at McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, weighing 9 lbs, 4.7 oz and measuring 22″ long. She has dark hair and dark eyes, although it’s too early to tell what color. (They look dark blue, but that will change) Before you read any further here, I suggest you… Read more »

It’s like Deja Dad, all over again

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In case I haven’t talked to you in a while, we’re having our second (and LAST) child; it’s a girl. It’s also nearly here — we’re in the final waiting days. I’ve been mostly involved in the whole process so far; I go to all the OB appts, Mel and I have talked about the… Read more »

Ziggy, 2.0

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It’s official. We’ve known about the pregnancy for several weeks now, and while many of you may already know, I kept a lid on it until after we were able to go to the OB and verify that things are all progressing very fetusily.