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Toads and Kids

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In late May, while Freyja took a nap, Sullivan and I went for a walk down the road. I didn’t really know where we were going to go, or what we were going to do; I think my initial thought was to go to the horse stables. Along the way, we found a hole, probably… Read more »

One more week

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My phone rings; a trip-hoppy ringtone reminiscent of Thievery Corporation. “Hello?” “No, I don’t want to.” “Talk to Daddy” “I want to talk on the puter” “Here, talk to Daddy.” *a few moments of static* “Hello?” “Hello?” I said, with a smile in my voice, “Hi Sullivan!” “I love you, Daddy.” “I love you too,… Read more »

Parenting: heart-wrenching bedtimes, week 1.

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Today is the end of the first week Sullivan has gone to bed by himself. Up until this past Monday, Sullivan had been co-sleeping with us. Pretty much since he was born. When he was an infant, we had his crib side-car’d to the bed (for safety reasons). There was a brief while when we… Read more »

Parenting: much ado about sleeping

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Look at that face — Could you possibly resist it if it were crying? Because that’s precisely what pretty much every “parental guide”, other parents (including our own!), and advice column has advised us to do at night, when he wakes up. “Just let them cry it out,” they say, “they’ll get over it after… Read more »

Thoughts Fueled by the Midnight Oil

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It’s midnight, and I should really be sleeping, but my brain is hyper-alert right now. I think it’s the chocolate cake we ate for dessert. Or maybe I’m just dehydrated, I don’t know. This has been an interesting week so far. Biking My third straight week of biking was this morning. I have only missed… Read more »

Sullivan does something cute

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Today, when I was leaving for work, I knelt down and kissed Sullivan on his head and said “Bye stinker!” then I kissed my wife goodbye and walked towards the door. As I was unlocking the door, I heard Sullivan make a noise and I turned around. He went “Dah!” and was waving his arm…. Read more »

My triumphant return to the blag-o-blags, and other news.

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The semester is finally over and I feel a tremendous pressure lifted. I just finished the last of the discussions in my Protein Purification lab notebook, so I am completely done. School pwnage This has been one HELL of a semester, if indicated by nothing else than the fact that I have not been able… Read more »

Parenting and Doctors

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Sullivan just had his first illness last week. It was pretty horrific — he woke up in the middle of the night crying and then just started vomiting. He vomited on more or less regular intervals for about a day and a half. It was a little scary, but he didn’t have a fever or… Read more »

Bedtime and rule-making

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Lately, Sullivan has been a little more difficult when it comes time to go to bed. When he was first born, all it took was a boob and a pacifier. At a couple months, he rejected the pacifier and just wanted a boob. A couple months after that he needed to be rocked to sleep…. Read more »