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French Revolution and Modern America

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A while back, Melissa and I watched the movie “Marie Antoinette“, starring Kirsten Dunst as the eponymous role. I thought the movie was pretty good — Melissa was a bit more critical, but she disapproves of most things. ( 🙂 ) For those of you completely unaware of historical references, the movie was about the… Read more »

What the hell is going on in America right now?

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Ok.. first off – Check this out. It’s from CNN, “the Cafferty File”. Apparently there’s a bill in legislation right now (I HOPE it hasn’t passed yet) that has, buried deep in it, an exculpatory clause that pardons the current administration for ANY and all instances of liability concerning torture, detention, and atrocities committed since… Read more »

President Bush: Lawbreaker?

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Wow. When I used to joke about the president being a playground bully, I had no idea how dead-on I was. Check this out. What can we do about this? From this link Bush challenges hundreds of laws President cites powers of his office By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff | April 30, 2006 WASHINGTON —… Read more »

Ever Get Shot At?

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Ok. One of my coworkers’ brother is in the Army, and is currently stationed over in Iraq. I don’t know much about his qualifications, or distribution, exactly where he’s at, etc. All I know is that it’s near Baghdad. He’s on MySp! And he keeps a blog. ( ) You really have to check this… Read more »